Bracket Design Studio

is a full-service design firm founded in 2006 by Shervin Hosseini. We offer services in urban design, interior space planning, furniture design and architecture from micro to macro scale. Our highly collaborative staff comes from wide-ranging theoretical and practical backgrounds, including designing, scripting, planning and construction of public and private projects. Offering innovative insights, materials and technology into our projects, we strongly consider the available possibilities of the site and the needs of clients in order to find the best solutions by constantly revising and redefining the projects. Each project, for us, entails its own singular approach which is essentially developed out of experience and intuition.
Bracket DS has won several awards the most important of which are top ranked in 2005, 3rd prize in 2007, 2nd prize in 2010 and 3rd prize in 2014 and 3rd prize in 2015 all of Memar prizes, 3rd place of Sharif university Entrance competition and 2nd prize of Falatouri Complex competition .
Bracket DS firm is officially registered as Barsu Neshan consultant engineering .
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- #2 No.18, 18th st, Velenjak st., Tehran IRAN
- No.22, 22th st, Sheykhsadough Blvd, Isfahan IRAN

+98 21 2217 1598
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